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Happy Anniversary, Jandris Block and Concrete Solutions!

2020 is a big year for Concrete Solutions and our parent company, A. Jandris & Sons. This year marks the 100th birthday of the original company, founded back in 1920 as A. Jandris & Sons by Adolf Jandris, an Austrian emigrant who came to the United States with his wife Rosa to start a new life.

Initially a demolition and salvage company, A. Jandris & Sons of Gardner, Massachusetts quickly moved into construction and by the 1940s was producing concrete masonry blocks to address a growing demand from local masons. Soon, Jandris Block became a full-time concrete brick and block business based in Adolf’s garage.

By 1960 the business had grown so large that it built its first concrete block production plant, adding automation in the late 60’s to accommodate the rapidly expanding production need.  A 17,000 square foot grinding plant followed in the early 90’s, producing a highly-popular architectural concrete masonry product that was used in the Boston Garden.

In 2005, a new chapter in the company’s history began with the launch of its retail operation, Concrete Solutions, a division of A. Jandris & Sons, Inc. Operating out of a 14,000 square foot building in Gardner, our company sells a wide range of concrete and masonry products inventoried on over four acres of land. Now in our 15th year, Concrete Solutions is celebrating its success as the retail outlet of Jandris Block and its growing sales of concrete, masonry, and landscape-related products to commercial and consumer builders and landscapers.

Whether you’re a long-time customer or just being introduced to Jandris Block and Concrete Solutions, we invite you to stop by our retail location on East Broadway, Rte. 2A in Gardner. Come see why we’re so excited about the 100th anniversary of A. Jandris & Sons and our 15th anniversary here at Concrete Solutions!

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Concrete Solutions Parade Floats Were a Success

This past weekend marked the 225th Anniversary of Gardner, Massachusetts, hometown to Concrete Solutions. To celebrate, Gardner hosted a grand parade with 7 Divisions of walkers, marching bands, and floats. To represent the past, present, and future success of the company, Concrete Solutions and their parent company, A. Jandris and Sons rolled down the street with two vehicles. The A. Jandris company began in 1920 as Adolf Jandris’s demolition, salvage, and construction business, which quickly grew and allowed them to build their first concrete block production plant. In 2005, they were able to add a separate retail and contractor yard, Concrete Solutions. To show this history line, one of our floats represented the present and one of them, the past. The first of our vehicles was a large float representing our products in action, featuring a backyard bash scene with a talented musician engaging the crowd. This float represented the newest addition to A. Jandris and Sons, Concrete Solutions. The second vehicle followed the float. This was an antique 1929 Mack AB Model truck and is one of Jandris\’s original trucks. Our floats got great response from the crowd. Thanks to all who came out to support us and the rest of the participants in the 225th Anniversary Parade. It was a beautiful day and a very successful event!

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Look for Concrete Solutions in Gardner’s 225th Anniversary Parade This Sunday

Gardner 225th Anniversary LogoThis year marks the 225th Anniversary for Concrete Solutions’ hometown, Gardner, Massachusetts. To celebrate, the city of Gardner is putting on a 225th Anniversary Celebration. One of the biggest attractions of this celebration will be their Anniversary Parade. The parade will begin at 1:00 pm on Sunday, September 26 and will include 1400 walking participants, 10 marching bands, and 30 floats. Concrete Solutions is proud to say that two of those floats will belong to them! One will be an antique truck demonstrating the history of A. Jandris & Sons, a front runner in the concrete producing business spanning over 90 years. The second will be a float presenting the newest generation of the Jandris company; Concrete Solutions.

If you are in the Gardner area, please come out and support those participating in the Anniversary Parade this Sunday! We hope to see many smiling faces as we roll through the streets of Gardner!

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Concrete Solutions Makes Jandris Products Visible To The Public

Walk into Concrete Solutions on East Broadway, and the first thing you’ll see is a walkway with steps and columns leading to a wooden bridge over a waterfall and pond in which fish swim.

The display is one way that A. Jandris & sons Inc. is reaching out to new customers. Jandris, which has been operation for 85 years, opened the Concrete Solutions store in April partly as a way to promote the company’s products to a public that might otherwise not have realized the extent of its offerings. Continue reading

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Gardner Company Cements Retail Presence

It was a retail conundrum.

A. Jandris & Sons, a local concrete manufacturer, had been operating a small retail operation out of the office space attached to its High Street manufacturing plant. But the company didn’t have the time or space to operate it smoothly and customers complained it was hard to find – and sometimes, according to company President Dana D. Morse, they even complained it was hard to find the front door. Continue reading

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Concrete Solutions Grand Opening is June 18

On Saturday, June 18 Concrete Solutions, located on 199 East Broadway in Gardner will celebrate its grand opening from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There will be plenty of festivities for everyone t enjoy through the day. At 11 a.m., Gardner Mayor Gerald St. Hilaire will be present for the ribbon cutting. Shortly after, at 1 p.m. there will be demonstrations on building a retaining wall. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served throughout the day and a number of drawings will also be held. Continue reading

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Concrete Solutions and Possibilities for Your Landscape

There’s a wonderful new palace called Concrete Solutions with a user-friendly showroom that’s opened recently in South Gardner on Rt 2A devoted to many things that are useful and add definition to you landscape called Concrete Solutions. A. Jandris, the owner, has been there for many years producing and selling concrete and masonry products, and this is a new feature. Continue reading