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Concrete Solutions and Possibilities for Your Landscape

Jun 11, 2005 | In The News

There’s a wonderful new palace called Concrete Solutions with a user-friendly showroom that’s opened recently in South Gardner on Rt 2A devoted to many things that are useful and add definition to you landscape called Concrete Solutions. A. Jandris, the owner, has been there for many years producing and selling concrete and masonry products, and this is a new feature.

But they should have called it Concrete Potentialities, because right inside their spacious and classy showroom, they’ve created an exterior grouping of masonry and brick pathways, pretty plantings, and – especially mouth-watering – a little stream with fish pond, and another little pond complete with stones and plants. These are examples of what might be created in your own back yard using their products, with the application of some initiative and resources.

This is a great way to envision what could be done, for those (wouldn’t that be most of us?) who aren’t good at imagining completely on their won. The different shades of grey – some lighter in color, some with interesting warm brown/tan hues, some a charcoal – are especially attractive because they;re close to the colors Mother Nature has invented, and they blend in with the rest of your landscape.

They’ve got a number of possibilities. For instance, one type of cobblestone is already affixed to a firm backing so that after you’ve made your base – a must – you just lay the sheets on tope without having to place the stones; then you fill in the premixed sand/epoxy mixture for an elegant effect that’s understated, but nice.

They have the materials and instructions for all kinds of masonry needs including retaining walls and decorative walls, foundations for houses, cobblestone walkways, circle paths in wonderful brownish/grey with a hint of yellow – creating a warm and slightly antique arrangement.

These are projects for homeowners to do themselves or for professionals: they’ve got all the items you might need right there, along with all the information and instructions.

A. Jandris and Sons, have been in business in South Gardner supplying superior specialty concrete products to build: the Fleet Center in Boston, Foxboro Stadium, and Ashburnhams’ Junior High School, among others. This new showroom provides much needed information on how to create hardscape in your setting. Another plus: surrounding the building entranceway are masonry planters in an attractive curving configuration which illustrates more possibilities.

Manager, Denis Young explained that the key element for success using any of these products is a good foundation. You must plan to dig down six inches and lay stone for five of those inches.

Then you need to put sand on top of that, whether you’re building a walkway for a little retaining wall encircling a garden or a water feature area.

Their retaining walls are constructed from two main block types under the Keystone name; the regular type is made right there by Jandris, and is nor only attractive, but very strong and durable. Anther type, “Country Manor” is more elegant and especially useful for above-ground purposes.

THe newer products have an interesting assembly system using plastic pins and grooves in the blocks for easy placement; additionally you have another option for placement of the tops stone at a slight overlap to create a slight shadow over the underneath stones, by setting the top at a different spot on the pins. No cement is needed; a proper sort of caulk is used to cement the stones in place, making this a good homeowners project.

There’s no cement necessary foe the pathway blocks, either: they’ve got sand which is the only thing that’s needed, and so this system looks like and ideal summer project for someone who’s wanted a pathway somewhere or perhaps maybe a patio.

The best thing are the people there. They’re all generous with their time, providing information and inspiration and advise on how to go about your project. They definitely do provide concrete solutions.

Linda Wiest