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What Exactly is Decorative Concrete ?


Concrete is simple and durable. Made from crushed stone, water, sand, and cement, it’s used in 90 percent of homes and businesses. Most people think of a bland, gray, stone-like material, more functional than beautiful. However, recent developments in concrete use have produced something called decorative concrete and it’s changing the construction industry.

So what exactly is decorative concrete?

Decorative concrete is traditional concrete that is modified, using mechanical techniques and environmentally-friendly chemicals to transform the surface appearance and make concrete look like a variety of other materials, such as brick, marble, granite, tile, slate, and even wood. Best of all decorative concrete can be made waterproof and slip-resistance and repairs easily. Continue reading

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Stamped Concrete: Increase Value Economically

In this unstable economy, people are losing their homes to huge mortgages that they can no longer afford. Those who have managed to hold on to their homes are trying to update them, improve them and in effect increase the value of their home. This will help to make the home more desirable and easier to sell for a higher asking price in an attempt to make money on their initial investment. With the state of the nation, a house will have to possess some distinctive features in order to grab the eye and interested of the current home shopper.

A wonderful way to increase the value of a home is to add some cosmetic touches to the outside property.  However, when thinking of cosmetic improvements originality can bring scores of bills and the worry that the initial investment will not pay off in the end can weigh heavily. There are alternatives to spending a great deal of money. Do-it-yourself projects are helpful in saving money, but for large, specialty jobs it is without a doubt better to enlist the services of professionals like Concrete Solutions to make sure the job is completed properly. Continue reading