Brickstop Paver Edging

An alternative choice Brickstop B.E.A.S.T placstic paver edging allows the installer to place the edging either outside or underneath the paver.

  • Same placstic composition as exterior vinyl windows, proven to withstand extreme Canadian weather conditions.
  • One piece for straight or curved patterns
  • Bends up to 90 degree angle
  • Staggered lattice mailing to ensure maximum hold
  • Extra wide base fo increased stability.
15 years in business has taught Brickstop a lot about paver edging and the most important things learned are that:

  • You must use edging for aperfect, long lasting finish.
  • It has to be easy to use.
  • You must have just one piece that does both straight lines and curves.
  • it must withstand a wide temperature variance.
  • It must use easy to find common nails.
  • It must be designed to permit a lattice mailing pattern for strength and stability.
  • It must allow natural vegetation growth.