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Patio Blocks

Jun 4, 2013 | Products

cappucinoPatio blocks are useful and decorative landscaping products, typically made out of concrete. There are many styles to choose from, ranging from elegant to downright silly. Patio blocks can be used in a few different ways around the yard, perfect for walkways and garden décor, not just the obvious choice of patio.  Here at Concrete Solutions, we offer a selection of top quality, beautiful patio blocks to give your property the elegance you deserve.

Tuscani – Our Tuscani blocks (see above) embrace the natural beauty of stone, giving your landscaping project a timelessly classic and sleek look. We offer these blocks in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors, including Cappucino, Naturale, Sorrento and Rocaccia Blu. The flat, smooth texture feels great on bare feet and makes for a perfect patio or walkway anywhere on your property.

romano_curvo_sorrentoRomano – The subtle blend of colors and unique texture allows our Romano architectural tile to stand out from the crowd. Whether you opt for a totally linear design, choose the Romano Curvo tiles that feature a more rounded look, or decide to mix and match for a custom pattern, these blocks are the perfect addition to any patio project. We offer this type of tile in Sorrento and Midnight Russo.

navastone_brick_impressions_redBrick Impressions – Take advantage of the convenience of our Brick Impression tiles this summer and don’t waste your time laying brick. You’ll get all the advantages of regular bricks, but none of the disadvantages, plus the installation process is much less likely to be a back-breaking endeavor. Choose between traditional red brick blocks or the more unconventional green brick blocks.

exposed_aggregate_ottawaExposed Aggregate – These beautifully crafted pavers boast incredible durability along with outstanding texture and finish. The consistently pebbled surface is sure to please residents and guests alike. With more texture than our other paving products, these blocks definitely add character to your paving project. We offer this type of paver in a few different colors, including Ottowa, Kingston Red, Pea and Alabama.

bigfootBigfoot – We warned you it might get silly! These giant foot-shaped concrete pavers are perfect for the whimsical, the young at heart, and the superstitious. Imagine the delight of your young family members or visitors as you explain the myth to them – in fact, anyone with an active imagination may find these blocks quite the treat!

Check out the other materials we offer or discover more details about our paving blocks elsewhere on our site. Call us today with questions about any of our products. We can’t wait to hear from you!