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cast iron rotary control

Cast Iron Rotary Control

Cast Iron Fireplace Rotary Control Dampers. Vestal Manufacturing.

All controls for Vestal Fireplace Dampers, regardless of the type control are simple, rugged, smooth working and foolproof.

When you have a broken, cracked or missing damper and you want a throat-style damper, the Vestal Cast-Iron Throat Rotary Control Damper is a perfect choice.

Give your flue new life today with the Vestal Cast-Iron Throat Rotary Control Damper!

Interested in this product? Please reach out to us to learn about availability and delivery options if needed.


  • Overall front width: 28 inch
  • Overall back width: 21 inch
  • Overall depth: 13.5 inch
  • Front throat width: 24 inch
  • Back throat width: 18 inch
  • Throat depth: 10 inch
  • Throat height: 6 inch