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Volcano Rod

  • THE ELECTRIC SAND PILE HEATER heats all day while you work, three ways: 1) heat from the ground below the sand pile moves up through the sand: 2) heat radiates from the water barrel in the center of sand pile; and 3) heat lost through the top forms a heated air shield between the whole top surface of the sand and the tarp.
  • KEEPS SAND PILES FROM FREEZING Built specifically for wintertime masonry use, the heater constantly warms water and sand. The unit has an internal thermostat which will cycle on and off intermittently and will keep up to 5 tons of sand and 50 gallons of water hot when temperatures are as low as I degree below zero. The cost is estimated at only $2.94 per day maximum, based on 7.5 per kilowatt hour; actual cost per day may vary.
  • SAVES LABOR The unit will pay for itself in less than TWO cold weeks of! saved labor since employees do not spend 1-2 hours each winter day thawing the water and sand pile.
  • INCREASES TIME FOR PRODUCTION Masons can immediately start working because the water and sand are hot when (hey arrive at work. Two hours saved on a cold morning in an 8 hour workday equals a 30% increase in available production time that day
  • COMPACT SIZE Measuring only 16″ x 38″ x 1″ and weighing less than 5 pounds, it can fit behind the seat of a pickup truck
  • BETTER QUALITY No more scorched sand!
  • ONE PIECE, ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION Built for ruggedness, easy to transport, and economical to operate. The electric volcano rod will heat the sand pile, when the volcano rod is in a steel barrel filled with water and placed in the center of the sand pile. It is important to keep the bottom of the water barrel free of debris. If the volcono rod becomes cover with debris, it can cause the volcano rod to over heat and burn out.

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