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Newport Mist Blend Round

Newport Mist Round Thin Stone Veneer has the depth and impact of rounded stones with a smooth yet irregular outside shape. Its rustic qualities lend themselves well to an Old-World style. Its natural face shows the smooth exterior of the stone. Round is the one of most traditional New England shapes.

Interested in this product? Please reach out to us to learn about availability and delivery options if needed.

Newport Mist® Round Thin Veneer has an irregular outside shape with the depth and impact of rounded stones. Its natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone. Round is the most traditional New England shape. Sold as individual stones not stone panels.

Flat Specifications

Facing Area Regular: 0.25-1.25 sf per piece Facing Area Small: 0.05-0.75 sf per piece Thickness: 1 inch (0.75-1.25 inch) Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf Colors: Gray, tan, white, beige, blue, pink, black Flat Packaging: 5 sf box, 12 sf layer, 168 sf crate

Corner Specifications

Angle: 90˚- Other Corner Angles Long End Length: 4.0 – 12.0 inch Short End Length: 3.0 – 6.0 inch Thickness: 1.0 inch thick (0.75-1.25 inch) Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf Coverage: Approx. 0.75 sf of facing area per lf of corner Corner Packaging: 5 lf box, 75 lf half crate, 150 lf crate