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Five Ways to Improve Your Yard with Concrete

Jul 3, 2012 | Ideas

Concrete made to look like natural stoneConcrete is a very versatile material and can be used in many different parts of your home. Even just your yard can be enhanced with concrete in a variety of ways. For example:

Driveway. Using concrete for your driveway results in a permanent and low-maintenance addition that will improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and provide children with a safe and flat space for outdoor play.  Did we mention it can also decrease erosion in your yard? You can choose between poured concrete slabs and concrete paving bricks. Bonus tip: after installation, we recommend waiting at least three days if not longer to use your driveway again.

Walls. Retaining walls are commonly used in many landscaping projects for visual appeal as well as structural integrity. Removing hilly parts of your yard can make mowing your lawn easier as well as creating more flat spaces to enjoy. These walls are often built with blocks of concrete, so you can choose a particular style and build a patio to match.

Firepit patio area made with concrete blocksPatio. Speaking of patios, most people love to have a relaxing outdoor space to sit down with friends and enjoy meals. Concrete floors are the perfect foundation for these spots. You can spice up the design by staining or stamping the concrete to create colorful designs or textures. Don’t be afraid to customize this space and add things like a fire pit in the center. Bring your dreams to life!

Birdbath. Well, it doesn’t have to be specifically a birdbath. Concrete is a great material for lawn fixtures because it is so durable and weatherproof. Birdbaths are popular because they are very easy to take care of (especially if you just wait for the rain)! Other popular fixtures are garden statues, water fountains and custom garden beds.

Pond. Did you know that there are natural swimming pools that rely on aquatic plants to filter the water? These beautiful pools are just as clean if not cleaner than regular swimming pools that use tons of harsh chemicals. Most natural pools are designed with two connected pools – one for swimming and the other for helpful plant growth. If you’re worried about critters like frogs and dragonflies moving in, don’t be – they are naturally attracted to the part of the pool that grows the plants, and they’ll eat mosquitos and other pests that take away from your relaxation. Concrete is the perfect material for shaping these manmade ponds.

If you have any projects involving concrete, contact us through our website or give us a call today to see how we can help.