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Ashlar Cut Slate

Ashlar Cut Slate

A naturally laminated stone texture split along parallel planes, hand-tooled to create a more pronounced, chipped, fragmented texture with small, deep joints.

Interested in this product? Please reach out to us to learn about availability and delivery options if needed.

Ashlar Cut Slate, FM-3125 s/o

23.125" x 23.125" (58.74 x 58.74 cm)
Red, Yellow and Blue

Matching skin / touch-up wheel: Smooth Slate / TW-1.

Joint size 1/8" - 1/4" wide, 5/8" deep

Stone size 5 1/4" - 9 7/8" wide, 6 3/4" - 20 5/8" long

Available as Contractors Choice, EF-3125