ProVantage Glass Block Installation System

The new ProVantageTM Glass Block Installation System uses spacers to precisely align each glass block for you. There’s no guesswork to it. The blocks are held in place by horizontal and vertical spacers and are bonded together with silicone. This simple system allows you to enjoy some serious benefits:

  • Joints will be consistent and evenly spaced.
  • Finish joints with a special tile grout for a clean professional installation.
  • It’s easy to make a straight wall or turn corners with a variety of horizontal and vertical spacers.
  • This system can be used with Pittsburgh Corning Premiere Series Glass Blocks and shapes in the DECORA® and IceScapes® patterns.
  • Enjoy an easy, fast, no-hassle installation.

The ProVantageTM System includes everything you need to create a beautiful glass block application on your first try.