Mirafi – XT Geogrids for Soil Reinforcemen

Miragrid XT geogrids are high strength, high tenacity, high molecular weight polyester geogrids in a full range of tensile strengths to meet the most demanding applications of soil reinforcement.
Miragrid XT geogrids are woven and then coated with a polymer coating to provide dimensional stability. Miragrid XT geogrids provide the highest tensile strengths of any reinforcement geogrid in the industry. The high molecular weight, high tenacity polyester yarns used in the Miragird geogrids result in excellent creep resistance. The high molecular weight polyester fibers are also resistant to the potential degradative effects of hydrolysis and chemical attack for the range of pH normally encountered in reinforced soil environments.
Features and benefits:

  • No Recoiling. Remains in place being installed; does not roll back.
  • Flexible and tough. Delivers immediate soil geogrid stress transfer ensuring minimal movement of soil structure.
  • Cost effective. Creep resistant polyester fibers provide a higher allowable tensile strength, minimizing the required number of geogrid layers.
  • High Long Term Design Strengths (LTDS). Miragrid’s long term design strengths are backed up by more than 70,000 hours of tension creep testing performed at an outside independent test laboratory so you can be assured of credible, dependable long term design strengths.
  • Easy handling. No sharp edges which may injure workers.
  • Wide rolls. Rolls are wider that most rigid geogrids, significantly reducing placement time thus lowering cost.
  • Custom fabrication of rolls. Fabricated to the specific requirements of the project.