Bosch PRO+GUARD Dust Solutions

Come see the latest in Osha Compliance with PRO+GUARD latest line of dust removing tools. Choose your tool, find the right attachment, choose the right HEPA rated dust extractor, and identify the right respirator for the job and you’re on the way to a dust free jobsite.

The PRO+GUARD HEPA rated dust extractor has the following features:

  1. Powerful 17.5 Amp Motor
    Maintain CFM in high volume applications
  2. 300 CFM
    Allows for cutting applications up to 12” diameter wheels and capable of using two tools
  3. Auto Filter Cleaning
    Cleans every 15 seconds for consistent suction power and extends filter life
  4. HEPA Filter
    Captures 99.97% of particles .3 microns or larger
  5. 16 Ft. Anti-Static Hose
    Extends effective work area and helps mitigate static electricity
  6. Hose Containment
    For convenient hose storage
  7. Wheeled Metal Frame/Castors
    Easy transport and stability to withstand demands of the jobsite
  8. Standard 20-AMP Plug
    Provides wide jobsite coverage and convenience

Say goodbye to dust forever. Come into the store to take a look at the PRO+GUARD Dust Solutions line.