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Retaining Walls

Retaining WallFor many property owners, shaping the landscape can be a real challenge. Adding retaining walls in strategic locations can be a great solution for challenging landscaping puzzles. Retaining walls are used to hold back soil and shape the land, allowing you to control the slope of your land. Don’t let gravity and Mother Nature dictate where the hills will be on your property. Retaining wall designs must take erosion into account, identify and deal with water sources and use engineering principles for maximum structural integrity.

Retaining walls can be useful as well as decorative. They allow you to cut through hillsides and create flat space wherever you would like. For example, a steep drop-off in the backyard can be transformed into a series of ledges. These ledges can be used as steps to make traversal through the property easier. Retaining walls can also serve as inviting places to sit, especially when combined with garden beds. With retaining walls, a sloping backyard can be transformed from a rough field to a palace-worthy garden in just a few simple steps. Likewise, a driveway can be placed right next to the house no matter what the terrain looks like.

The two most common types of retaining walls are gravity and reinforced. As you may be able to guess, gravity walls depend upon their mass and the forces of gravity to hold back soil. Reinforced walls commonly use products called fabrics and a technique called geogrid reinforcing. Fabrics tend to help keep the good soils separated from bad soils. The geogrid is used to help stabilize the soils and therefore keep the weight of the backfill from interfering with the wall itself. These two forms of reinforcing help create a stronger wall, which in turn enables you to build a taller wall if desired.

You can create retaining walls out of many different types of materials. Here at Concrete Solutions, we provide a selection of natural stone and high-quality masonry blocks that will bring a sense of antiquity and charm to your landscape. We are a distributor of The Keystone Retaining Wall Systems. Whether you need a small wall for a flowerbed or a structural wall needed to hold up a driveway or building, we have your solution. Treat your property to some TLC with any of the great landscaping products we offer. Call us today with questions!