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The Benefits of a Walkway

One of the most common lawn modifications is the addition of a walkway. Many people install walkways so that people have a clear path to their front door. Others use walkways more liberally, heading around the house, down a hill or through some gardens.

Walkways can be a great improvement to your property for a variety of reasons. The value of your property will be increased and visitors will subconsciously stick to the path instead of treading in your garden and trampling your plants. It will also be easier for anyone wearing high heels or dress shoes to navigate to your door without soiling their footwear. Last but not least, your yard will look so much more elegant!

Walkways are typically built using stepping stones or paving bricks, although you can also design cement or concrete paths as well. We offer a variety of natural stone materials, suitable for many different projects around your yard such as walkways, patios, retaining walls or regular stone walls. We also offer several kinds of paving bricks, including among others the Belgard Holland Stone or the Belgard Cambridge Cobble.

For a complete list of the landscaping products available through Concrete Solutions, head on over to this page and take a peek. For many of the products, we’ve been able to post photos so you can see exactly what type of material we are talking about.