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Four Commonly Asked Questions About Concrete

Mixer truckMany people have questions about concrete that they don’t want to ask for fear of sounding silly. Well, worry no more! We can answer any of your concrete questions with concrete answers.

1. Can you get hardened concrete to soften again? Short answer, no. Concrete that has already set and become hard must be broken into pieces. Fortunately, these pieces can be reused as aggregate in future concrete projects.

2. How do concrete mixer trucks work? As the name indicates, the purpose of a mixer truck is to mix cement with water and aggregate materials, which is the recipe for concrete. However, in some modern factories, the concrete is loaded wet these days. Inside the tank is a large spiral screw that pushes concrete further into the tank as it spins. When it’s time to unload, the direction of the rotation changes and the concrete comes right back out.

3. What if it hardens inside the truck? Yikes! Every mixer truck owner does their best to prevent the concrete from hardening inside the truck. If it does happen, the concrete will have to be broken apart with sheer force. Often, the tools used for that are air hammers or jackhammers. This can result in damage to the truck as well so it is best to be avoided!

4. Can concrete set properly if it is underwater? Yes, some types of concrete can set underwater, but not all. However, all concrete needs a certain amount of water to become hard. This may sound backwards, but it’s all due to the chemical reaction between water and cement.  After water is added, the concrete will set properly if it remains moist and at the correct range of temperatures.