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Chimney Systems

Selkirk - Sure Temp and Metalbestos Chimney Systems

Whether it is new construction, replacement, or your first wood stove installation you'll find that the Selkirk Sure Temp and Metalbestos Model SSII Chimney is designed to save you time, trouble and money. They both come in 6", 7", and 8" diameters. They may be used for gas wood and liquid fuel fired residential-type applications including cooking ranges, heating stoves, fireplace stoves, central furnaces, floor furnaces, steam and hot water boilers, unit heaters and water heaters. They may also be used for masonry fireplaces. Numerous different peices are avaliable to fit you exact needs including insulated pipe, roof supports, roof braces, dripless smoke pipe addapters, insulated tee & plugs, attic insulation shields, insulated wall thimbles, storm collars, adjustable flashings, insulated elbows, round tops, and wall bands.

Sure Temp Chimney System

Heat Stop® Refractory Mortar Products

Heat Stop® Pre-Mixed

Pre-mixed and ready to use as a regular refractory cement. Fireplace masons prefer its workability and texture. Faster and easier for settling firebrick. Only 1/8" joing required. Water soluble, easy clean up. 15 lb. can or 50 lb. pail.

Heat Stop® II dry mix

Non-Water soluble in service. One complete mix for firebrick and flue installations. Sets fast and resists flue joint washout. Ready to use-just add water. 10 lb. pail.

Heat Stop® 50 dry mix

Most Economical Same as Heat Stop® II but in a 50 lb. bag.

Heat Stop® Pre-Mixed